FAQ - Debora Alfie
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What insurances do you accept?

Medicare and some car insurance post accidents are accepted.
Since Debora is committed to offer a one-on-one service, spending 1 hour of quality time with each patient, she is not in network with any health insurance. Nowadays, clinics are forced to see several patients an hour due to changes in medical insurance policies.
Debora can see patients with out of network benefits and provide them with a receipt for reimbursement.

Assuming that you accept my insurance policy, can I have a Pilates exercises program?

If the Pilates exercises are performed for therapeutic purposes such as pre-post surgery rehabilitation, scoliosis, pain caused by postural imbalance the answer is yes. According to Florida’s Direct Access law the patient can start without a doctor’s order for 30 days.

Can I take Pilates classes just as a workout?

Absolutely you can.
Debora noticed that a typical complaint in very active people over the age of 60 is that they don’t have a place to workout.
Gyms and Pilates classes are oriented towards younger people and do not suit her patients’ needs. Even worse, on many occasions, she had to treat patients that ended up with an injury for trying to keep up with those classes.
Also, athletes take Pilates classes to train their core in order to have more efficient sport gestures like golfers, tennis, soccer and volleyball players.